[VIDEO] Ahamud Zoonoob, a double amputee, lost his legs because of his heavy consumption of cigarettes’ habits

May 25, 2021 | Media

“Aster mo tourne zorey,” he says in reference to his smoking habits. Ahamud is 63 years old. It was in 2011 that he was informed by the doctor that he had lost one of his limbs due to nicotine and that in a few more years, his second leg will also be amputated. And unfortunately, in 2019, Ahamud had his second leg amputated.
I used to smoke about 60 cigarettes a day and later on, this consumption blocked all the arteries in my leg, he shares with us.

Nevertheless, Ahamud came to Jaipur Foot and got both his prosthesis made at our manufacturing base. And he is now able to experience the joy of walking again.
Learn about him in this video.