Tribute to Victor, donation of assistive devices & Christmas party to the GRF

Oct 6, 2020 | Media

On Monday, December 23, 2019, the Global Rainbow Foundation organized a
donation ceremony for motorized and adapted wheelchairs, as well as a Christmas
party, for some of its beneficiaries and their families. Support materials, gifts and
lunch were generously donated by the Orchestra Prémaman company.

The ceremony, moving and inspired by meditation, took place in the presence of
Prof. Armoogum PARSURAMEN, President-Founder of the GRF, Nishta
Ghurbhurrun, of Dr. Mrs. Prabhavathi Ghurbhurrun Charitable Trust, Aurélie
Mestre, Director of Orchestra, her son Charles, and Dr Damian Pena.
Mrs Aurélie recently lost her youngest son in a tragic accident, but nevertheless
wanted to maintain the event of this day, in tribute to Victor, 3 years old. The
GRF gave its pediatric ward the name of the late little boy. The couple stressed
the importance for them of keeping Victor’s memory alive through humanitarian
works and the help given to Mauritian children.

Maurice d’Arifat, laughter therapist and Father Christmas for a day, presented the
Children with gifts.