The real concept of “mask anxiety”

Apr 1, 2021 | Media

We all know, at this point, the importance of masks and face coverings to protect ourselves and others during the current pandemic. But, many don’t realize the very real concept of “mask anxiety.”

Mask anxiety can look like many things including: panic and breathing issues, sensory overload, and a feeling of uneasiness or fear. These feelings are all valid. Here are a few ways you can alleviate your anxiety:
• Getting some fresh air before and after wearing a mask.
• Add a comforting scent to your mask.
• Experiment with different fabric types for your mask.

• Enjoy a distraction such as podcast, or some music.

Remember: do not judge people who are not wearing masks, or assume that someone not wearing a mask is doing it for selfish reasons. Many people are exempt from wearing masks, and it might not be immediately obvious why.