I want to persevere in life and not let anything stand in my way
Abdool Careem Ahnas Hyderali, ‘Ahnas’, is a 13 year-old boy from
Triolet, Mauritius. He suffers from Spina Bifida and as a result, is physically
impaired since birth. Ahnas cannot move his legs. Ahnas was gifted 1 laptop
and 2 Motorised wheelchairs; one for home and one which he keeps at school.
Ahnas’ academic performance has been excellent and meritorious. His regular
attendance at school clearly shows that his disability has never been a
hindrance in his path of education, which eventually reflects in his grades.
Ahnas has also got a good performance record. We are happy that the
‘gift of mobility’ through the motorized wheelchair at school eases his daily life
to attend college. Ahnas is an ambitious young man and wants to become a
computer engineer. Through the help of the Laptop, He has brilliantly passed
his examination standing out 1st in rank at RCPL in all his subjects.

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