“There will always be light at the end of the tunnel if
perseverance is backed by the proper support”

GRF is proud to congratulate Bindya Bheenick who passed her BSc in
Accounting, Micro Finance with First Class with Honours from the University of
Mauritius. She waits for her Graduation ceremony in November 2020. Her
educational achievements are motivating and encouraging as she has put in all
her efforts to empower herself. Bindiya is one of the models to follow as her
disability is no barrier to a life in dignity, autonomy and success.Bindya is thankful to GRF for the untiring support and assistance to allow her to
follow her dreams:“Thanks to Mr Parsuramen and the personnel who assist Persons with Disabilities,
we can progress. I wish GRF all the best and a good continuation for the support
given to us.”GRF has walked with Bindya throughout her education and has assisted in
providing the gift of mobility to her. With her motorized wheelchair, Bindya
became independent and could have easy access to the UOM Campus.Rooshan Bheenick, Bindiya’s brother happily states:“With GRF and your [Mr Parsuramen’s] personal support, this is only the beginning of milestones”