Handisports-An International Promise
Born with “a condition that affects both of her knees’’ (IPC),our Brandy commands love and respect in the history of Mauritian Handisports .Brandy is highly grateful to the Global Rainbow Foundation and particularly ,towards Mr. Parsuramen who has been following her progress since her school days. His presence is treasured since her childhood .The Founder ,himself ,played a symbolic role in her admission to the CPE exams ,after her three –year schooling gap. She was systematically rejected by the schools until the angelic hand Gave her a push .The President Of GRF stepped in and arranged for her admittance at la Fraternitée Mauriciennes des Malades et Handicapés (FMMHH).GRF stood by her again after her exams and secured A placement for her at St Andrews College together with Father Ernest,Brandy is sincerely indebted to him for Always being there for her .