Skills & Entrepreneurship Training

The employability team focus is to develop PwDs so they can build their own economic independence and dignity. We provide a range of services to companies including placements, training, consulting and analysis with the aim to help them become inclusive and welcoming of PwDs. During our training we use a variety of tools and methodologies to build an ‘employable mindset’ in our candidates. Our tools have been developed through over years of work with our knowledge partner, with a specific focus on building independent thinking and skills that employers look for. Whilst our training focuses primarily on the ‘mindset’ for employment, we also engage in limited skills based training.

Our courses are categorised as Livelihoods, Lifeskills, Complementary Health for PWD. 
Livelihoods: Employability, Entrepreneurship, computer skills
Lifeskills: Assistive Tech, Mobility Training, Assistive clothing and lifeskills
Complementary Health: Yoga, laughter therapy, art therapy and sport + music