Regional Office: Belle Rose office is officially operational

Jul 5, 2021 | Media

We have been part of the Mauritian community for over 9 years fighting for the rights of people with disabilities and it is within this framework that we are extending our operations to other regions in Mauritius. Along with our offices of Petit-Raffray and Rose-Hill, we now offer our services in Belle-Rose.

Our Belle Rose office is officially OPERATIONAL from 9.00am to 4.00pm at 10 Avenue Mallefille Road. GRF has always believed in a holistic approach to empowering persons with disabilities thus the aim to administer the same high-quality level of service in the new office such as:

Our Belle Rose Office offers the following services.

Affordable medical care:

  • Consultations with a general practitioner,
  • Physiotherapy sessions (electrical-stimulation sessions),
  • occupational therapy sessions,
  • counseling sessions and consultations with a psychologist,
  • Clubfoot treatment,
  • Assessment of amputees and production of custom-made prostheses at Petit-Raffray

Training and skills development:

  • Skills development,
  • Crafting and skills development for the entrepreneurship programme,
  • Assistance in Work placement,
  • Computer training,
  • Computer and mobile applications courses for the visually impaired,
  • Braille training,
  • Mobility assistance and equipment donations,
  • Personal training on daily routines for the visually impaired

Holistic development:

  • Yoga classes,
  • Creative arts sessions,
  • Craft sessions,
  • Laughter therapy,
  • Music and exercise relaxation sessions

For more information or to place an appointment, you may call on the 5433 8686.