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Global Rainbow Foundation – A Ray of Life!

The Global Rainbow Foundation lifts the disabled from darkness to the light of Life. I am grateful to the Foundation for its constant and unending support.

(Student, Royal College, Port Louis, Mauritius)

Ahnas Hyderali Abdool Careem Mohammad

Ahnas Hyderali Abdool Careem Mohammad

Global Rainbow Foundation – Asset!

The Global Rainbow Foundation firmly believes in the social, psychological and personal development to empower the disabled. They are significantly contributing to our welfare with their talents, skills and potentials.

(BCS in Accounting & Finance)

Kirti Devi Ramchurn

Kirti Devi Ramchurn

GRF = Hope!

The Global Rainbow Foundation is not only an NGO or an institution for me. I proudly say GRF stands for HOPE. Hope for all the disabled and a promise for social integration and love.

(Assistant Human Resources Officer)

Nitish Ramanna

Nitish Ramanna

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