Lifting COVID restrictions too soon endangers persons with disabilities

Apr 3, 2021 | Media

The United States of America continues to lift restrictions on social distancing and wearing masks during Covid-19 pandemic, persons with disabilities like me are reminded that we live in a country that views us as disposable.

A study in Great Britain found out that six out of ten Covid-19 related deaths are persons with disabilities. Not only are “less severe” disabilities reported less than “severe” ones, but many of these deaths happen in nursing homes, which have been proven to underreport COVID-19 deaths.

United States will continue to lift restrictions as more people with low-risks are vaccinated. The high-risks are one of the last groups to receive their vaccines and it is no surprise.

In March, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) released a new guideline for vaccinated individuals, which allow them to visit “low-risk household.” Persons with disabilities will die
because of it.

Able people have been stubborn that they will not isolate, though our lives depend on it. Lifting restrictions, when only 9% of the population is vaccinated, risks those around us to push the limits more than they already do. The most common phrase you will hear if you push back on the country opening up is, “If you are at high-risk, just stay home.” Able bodied people have been heartless in their beliefs that people with disabilities do not deserve the same lives as their abled peers.

It is not only a pure discrimination but it is just not possible for persons with disabilities to do. Persons with disabilities work full-time jobs, go to school, and have children and housemates who cannot be isolated from them. Furthermore, many persons with disabilities require hands-on care and will never be able to isolate entirely.