GRF concerns over the nature of replies of PQs on the Disability Bill

Apr 27, 2021 | Media

Last Tuesday, during the 20th April parliamentary session, MP Joanna Bérenger requested to know the status on the Disability Bill; to which the Minister of Social Security, Fazila Jeewa Daureeawoo, replied: “The Disability Bill is currently at the State Law Office.”

For the Global Rainbow Foundation, this is a worrying response. If we are to look back in 2016 until now; there have not been any conclusive replies on the introduction of the Disability Bill.

  • On the 12th July 2016, Mrs. F. Jeewa-Daureeawoo informed the house that the disability bill is being drafted. (PQ by Mr. P. Bérenger)


  • 14th November 2017, Mr. Etienne Sinatambou, the then Minister of Social Security asserted that the draft Disability Bill will be introduced in the National Assembly around the end of 2018. (PQ by Mr A. Ganoo)


  • 4th December 2018, Mr. Etienne Sinatambou emphasized, “The Bill will be introduced before the House next year.” (PQ by Mr V. Baaloomoody)


  • 14th May 2019, Mr. Etienne Sinatambou replied by saying “I had meetings with the State Law Office and there are issues that still need to be addressed.”


  • 28th July 2020, Mrs. F. Jeewa-Daureeawoo current Social Security Minister informed the house that the issues are still being addressed.


These answers make us question the will of the government to come with a Disability Bill. Nevertheless, within the Global Rainbow Foundation we do not stray from our mission. Our Disability Bill campaign has been activated and our legal team is working relentlessly on drafting this legislation.

Our brothers, sisters and children with disabilities need the support of the public and NGOs. Let’s combine our efforts to make the Disability Bill a reality in 2021.

Photo courtesy: Defimedia