Early management of children with clubfoot

Oct 6, 2020 | Media

The Global Rainbow Foundation organized a press conference this Thursday morning at the Shifa Clinic, in collaboration with all the partners of the project “Treatment of equine clubfoot varus by the PONSETI method”.
Were present and intervened Prof. Armoogum PARSURAMEN, President-Founder of the GRF, Dr Dawood OARIS, Director of the Shifa Clinic, Élise MARTINEZ, President of the French NGO Step by Step, and Ms Anne Christine LEVIGNE FLETCHER, Director of ‘Southern hemisphere.
Each of the speakers spoke to families and patients in order to explain their contribution to the project, the aim of which is to raise awareness and take charge of children with clubfoot, as soon as possible after birth.
Clubfoot is characterized by a foot turned inward. This deformity is congenital (present from birth) and can be unilateral or bilateral (affecting only one lower limb or both).
There are several treatment techniques, including the one practiced so far in Mauritius, which is expensive for families, invasive for the skin and tissues, and has a high relapse rate.
It is in the face of this problem that the GRF and the NGO Step by Step have decided to work together, by setting up support for Mauritian children through the PONSETI method, which consists of the successive laying of plasters. , micro-invasive surgery and wearing an abduction splint. This method is the least expensive, the most anatomically conservative and the most effective in terms of results in recent years.
It is therefore with the invaluable support of the Shifa Clinic, where Dr SEENEEVASSEN, Orthopedic Surgeon, performs tenotomies of the Achilles tendon, and of the Southern Hemisphere, which graciously manufactures the abduction splints, that this project has been able to exist. and that around ten children from Mauritius and Rodrigues are already cured, or in the process of being so.