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Clubfoot, a birth deformity that can be treated without major surgery

Clubfoot is a birth deformity that causes one or both feet to twist inward. But for all concerned parents, there is a solution. At the Global Rainbow Foundation, with the help of the NGO step by step, clubfoot can be treated using the Ponseti method, which has a success rate of 90% and does not affect the child’s physical development.

This treatment consists of 4 steps:

– weekly application of slab (up to 4-6 weeks)






– percutaneous tenotomy of the Achilles tendon (micro-invasive surgery)






– wearing a splint, a bar with boots at each end preventing the foot from twisting back(to be worn until the age of 5 years)

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If you know of a child or parent who desperately needs advice on clubfoot, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following contact details:
keertisha@grftrust.org/ ongstepbystep.contact@gmail.com or call on the 283 0229/ 5826 8491.


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