Bindya Bheenick, blossoming in her job at PwC

Mar 1, 2021 | Media

It is gratifying to see Bindya Bheenick, ambassador of the Global Rainbow Foundation being well integrated and appreciated into the Pricewaterhousecoopers company (PwC). In the past, Bindya suffered an unfortunate incident that led her to be wheelchair bound. Yet here she is blossoming in her career and encouraging other young people to join the company.

Bindya Bheenick managed to obtain a first class honors’ degree in Accounting and Microfinance and to be recruited in one of the top four multinationals in the field of audit and assurance, consulting and tax services. Indeed, when it comes to overcoming obstacles, Bindya Bheenick is a true role model.
PwC’s stance on disability and talent is also commendable. In the near future, the Global Rainbow Foundation hopes for a change of heart by companies in the recruitment of people with disabilities.