Advocacy of Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF)
Definition of advocacy
Advocacy means taking the necessary action to create change. Advocates organise themselves to take the needed steps to tackle an issue. They empower people ways to speak out about things that affect them negatively. Advocacy is described as “speaking truth to power”
Advocacy of Global Rainbow Foundation
The Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) is a well-known and established NGOs working for the welfare and well-being of persons with disabilities in Mauritius. GRF uses social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter to advocate for equal rights of persons with disabilities and showcase the different discrimination persons with disabilities face in their daily lives and success stories. Recently, it has created its own mobile app called GRF Mauritius which is available to download freely on Google Play Store.
The present government in its first mandate from 2014-2019 promised in its electoral manifesto to bring a Disability Bill with the view to eliminate barriers and discrimination in the lives of persons with disabilities. Six years have elapsed and until now the Disability Bill is an unfulfilled promise. GRF is doing its utmost with all the resources available and the great help from the Members of Parliament (MPs) to query the concerned minister of social security on Disability Bill and other vital topics such as employment, accessibility, inclusive education amongst others. GRF is launching a major advocacy campaign on the Disability Bill with all the stakeholders, Members of Parliament and international organisations to support us in this noble cause so that by next year 2021 the Disability Bill will become a reality in Mauritius.
The Global Rainbow Foundation’s 2021 mission is to draft the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2021 (RPWD) within the tailored stipulations of the UNCRPD to ensure a Disability-inclusive legislation in Mauritius. GRF’s efforts are directed towards ensuring the sustainability of Mauritius in the PWDs inclusion within the socio-cultural, political, employment and economic independence with dignity. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill will be a powerful tool to bring a radical change in mindsets to fight against marginalization, discrimination, and guarantee opportunities for all ‘Leaving No One Behind’.
A draft bill was presented on Saturday 20th of February 2021 at Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium, UOM, Reduit. After the review exercise, GRF will incorporate relevant suggestions and then prepare a first draft of the RPWD Bill for consultation with all stakeholders in early 2021.