Hold my hand and walk with me.
We must break the back of social inequity;
We must empower every individual with a disability
To live with dignity in an inclusive society.

 William E. Lightbourne

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Prévention du pied diabétique

Serving people with disabilities

The Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) is a charitable trust founded by Prof. Armoogum Parsuramen G.O.S.K. in Mauritius on the 11th November 2011. The aim of the organisation is to serve the most vulnerable groups especially persons with different types of disabilities. Driven by the vision of the Founder, the activities of the organisation are oriented towards educating, enabling, and empowering Persons with Disabilities while advocating for their rights.

GRF Initiatives


Success stories

Bindya Bheenick

Bindya Bheenick

“There will always be light at the end of the tunnel if perseverance...

Jane Constance

Jane Constance

Jane Mary CONSTANCE(Singer & aspiring Sociologist in...

Brandy Perrine

Brandy Perrine

Handisports-An International PromiseBorn with “a condition that...