Winner of We Care Film Festival 2013 – Little feet and Terminal



They all creatively portrayed the message of changing the way people look at those who have disabilities through their movies. People with disabilities have rights as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which was signed by UAE in 2008.

The winner in the 30-minute movie category was ‘Little Feet’, which told the story of a 26-year-old man named Mohammad Farooq, whose body stopped growing at the age of 12.

“It is a story about success and about how people can face obstacles in life. Mohammad who is nicknamed ‘Farfoor’ looks like a child, but has a job. He drives a car and manages to face the challenges of life in a humorous way. The message of the film is that no matter how small your feet are, you can still manage to leave large traces behind you in life,” said Kurt Barreto and Adam Smadi, who made the movie.

Second place- “Her Name is Rabab” by Mariam Zaidi and

Third place- “The Better Half” by Nitin Mirani

The winner in the five-minute category was Terminal made by e mechanical engineering students Al Ameel Abdul Azeez and Kamalesh Keserker, who were happy that their movie won first prize given that they have no movie-making experience.

The movie tackles the issue of how people with special needs are shunned by society. We were inspired by a Facebook picture of a girl who has cancer. We wrote a script about a boy who lived a normal life and was in love with a girl till he was diagnosed with cancer. The girl and society then began avoiding him,” Abdul Azeez and Keserker said.

Second place- “Crack of Light” by Yafa Goawily and

Third place- “Fish in the Jar” by Anzar Vahid.


“We were honored by the attendance of her Excellency Mariam Mohammed Khalfan Al Roumi – the Minister of Social Affairs who was the chief guest at the event,” said Isphana Al Khatib, Director of Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs. “It was with great pride that we organized ‘We Care’ Film Festival, and we were impressed by the entries to the Festival,” added Al Khatib.

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