The Hope Initiative – Paving Pathways To Future

Paving pathways to future.

Always adorning a smile, full of life Ashfaaq Roheemun, now 13 years old, was diagnosed of cerebral palsy at a very tender age. Cerebral palsy, a brain disorder that adversely affect a person’s ability to move, to maintain balance and posture, lead Ashfaaq to be a wheelchair user at an early stage of his life.

Gifted with a creative and impressive mind, Ashfaaq is always thinking of innovative ideas. However, our little genius encountered many difficulties in his life as many schools could not admit him due to lack of accessibility in the schools.

Ashfaaq is now studying Hizul Quran at a private school where he was been awarded the Student of the Year 2013. With his strong will power, Ashfaaq continues to make an effort to learn by remembering all his lessons.

In his future life, Ashfaaq sees himself as a teacher. Learning from his own life experiences and difficulties he faced, Ashfaaq wants to help needy children facing same barriers.

His hobbies include listening to music, swimming and playing games on tablet after his school.

Ashfaaq received his motorised wheelchair through the holistic initiative of Global Rainbow Foundation, the HOPE Initiative at the Jaipur foot 2013 Thanks Giving Ceremony on the 29th December 2013 at James Burty David Recreational Centre at Pointe aux Sables.

Ashfaaq extended his gratitude towards Professor Armoogum Parsuramen and all those who helped him generously in getting the motorised wheelchair.

This initiative has brought immense happiness and hope in the life of Ashfaaq. The motorised wheelchair helps Ashfaaq to move around independently just by using his fingers, hence enhancing his daily activities like going to the kitchen and taking his food. Ashfaaq is able to participate in outdoor games with his sister, something that he couldn’t do before. Ashfaaq strongly believes and is confident that the motorized wheelchair will allow him to fulfill his so cherished dream and will pave new pathways to success in his future endeavours.

-By Desyrani Rampertab


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