Tender Notice: Supply of Motorised wheelchairs for year ending December 2016

Tender Notice: Supply of Motorised wheelchairs for year ending December 2016


Issuer:                          GLOBAL RAINBOW FOUNDATION

Tender Reference:   GRF/MW/ 2016

Sector:                         Motorised Wheelchairs

Closing Date:             09st April 2016 – 14:00

Issue Date:                 18th March 2016- 08:00

Region:                        Only Local Supplier duly registered in Mauritius



Dear Supplier,
The GLOBAL RAINBOW FOUNDATION invites proposals for the supply of Motorised Wheelchairs in Mauritius for the year ending December 2016.

The HOPE Project is an initiative of the GRF, which aims at the providing access to an assistive device to a disabled person through the promotion of personal mobility with the greatest possible independence for people with disabilities.


The beneficiaries come from a very poor family background. The revenue income in the family is so minimal that they won’t be able to afford in buying a wheelchair. Therefore to improve their health and living conditions, GRF is making a request of obtaining motorized wheelchairs. This will help them in feeling more comfortable and less in pain. They will become more autonomous and will be able to cater for themselves with the help of a motorized wheelchair.


The device should be powered by using buttons and a joystick. Electric wheelchairs should also have excessive padding on the seat, backrest and headrest to ensure comfort for full-day use. These products should be fairly easy to maneuver and fold. They should also be able to shift between Auto mode and Manual mode within seconds.


Top speed: 5-7 km/h

Driving range: 15-25 km

Size of front wheels: 8-12 inches

Size of Back wheels: 22-25 inches

Height: 1000 mm- 1100mm

Width: 625 mm- 750 mm

Length: 900-1025 mm

The Motorised wheelchairs should be ISO- Compliant and CE- Certified (All necessary certification should be attached to the tender proposal)

Warranty and Aftersales Service

The warranty should be of a minimum of 1 year on all parts together with an aftersales service directly to the beneficiaries of motorised wheelchairs.

General Notice

  • Timely delivery of the offer is exclusively the liability of the sender, should the envelope for any reason not reach GRF before expiry of the deadline;
  • No payment or reimbursement shall be due to the bidding Companies for having drawn up and submitted the offer, for having drafted projects or any other type of documentation submitted;
  • The documentation submitted will not be returned, even if the bidder is not awarded the tender;
  • GRF reserves the absolute right to choose not to award the tender or to extend the deadline for submission, and none of the bidding Companies can exercise any right over these decisions;
  • GRF is not bound to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the right to accept any tender in whole or in part unless a tenderer expressly stipulates to the contrary


If you wish to submit a proposal, you must submit it to


Global Rainbow Foundation

11, Jacques Charles Olivier Street, Port Louis



Or by email on secretary.grf@gmail.com
If you have any questions about this RFP you should submit them via emails on secretary.grf@gmail.com
Please note that any additional information that GRF gives to you as a result of your enquiry will also be given by GRF to other potential suppliers, if GRF determines that such information is material.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.


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