Seven Colours of the Rainbow


Rainbow is a sign of diversity and inclusiveness, of hope and of yearning. It is a symbol conveying a message of a new era, of unity and of social change.

GRF (Global Rainbow Foundation) is a charitable trust which aims at supporting those who areunfavoured in life in one way or another. Our own approach tries to be as all-embracing as possible, tackling issues from various perspectives and at various entry-points in as many different ways as is required.   The GRF aims to cluster common values and ideals to help unite co-ops around the world.

The GRF is a bridge of light, interconnecting one colour ray with the other, a bridge symbolizing connection and transformation in its purest form.  It is a strong symbol of empathy, of equality, of dignity and hope. It is the promise for brighter lives. For rainbows appear after rain, after floods, as a harbinger of sunny days again. Rainbow symbolises unity in diversity and the power of light, enlightenment and progress. Each of the seven colours in GRF has insightful meanings:

*   Red: Stands for Life & courage. A sense of belonging to each other and high energy;

*   Orange: Promises healing & offers the vision of possibilities to all;

*   Yellow: Represents clarity of mind, the Divine Light, Divine Power & Divine Wisdom;

*   Green: This colour is at the center, the heart of the Rainbow bridging both’realms.  It symbolizes Mother Earth, promising health and stability, regaining strength and vitality.

*   Blue: Reminder for sky is the limit, in providing education to all and strive toward global unity.

*   Indigo: Symbolizes the GRF movement, Challenge to help less fortunate people through united GRF volunteers.

*   Violet: Is the divine colour, a reminder of being wrapped by the almighty, colourof strong faith and friendship to all.


As the colours of the rainbow, we are not intended to absorb the light for our own joy and happiness, rather we are intended to transmit it; and in doing so to unfold its meaning to others, in extending a gentle hand and sharing love and laughter to all. The mystical importance of the rainbow is intuitively perceived by all, bubbling the childlikeness in each one, wanting to show and share with all the beauty and elegance of the rainbow merging sky & land across borders, beyond barriers. It inspires a sense of joy and optimism, embracing one another with cheer harmony and peace.

The range of colours reflects the equality our team believes in and practises, giving equal consideration to all groups and communities.

The rainbow, a natural phenomenon noted for its beauty and inexplicability, has been a favorite component of mythology throughout history:

In Greco-Roman mythology, the rainbow was considered to be a path made by a messenger of God between Earth and Heaven.

In Chinese mythology, the rainbow was a slit in the sky sealed by a goddess  using stones of different colours.


In Hindu religion, the rainbow is called Indradhanush, meaning “the bow (Sanskrit and Hindi: dhanush is bow) of Indra, the god of lightning, thunder and rain”. Another Indian mythology says the rainbow is the bow of Rama, the incarnation of Vishnu. Likewise, in Arabian mythology, the rainbow, called Qaus Quzaħ in Arabic, is the war bow of the god Quzaħ.

In Armenian mythology rainbow is a belt of knowledge.

In Norse Mythology, rainbow connects the realms homes of the gods and humans.

According to Christian religion and Judaic religion, after Noah’s flood God put the rainbow in the sky as the sign of His promise that He would never again destroy the earth with flood.

In New Age and Hindu philosophy, the seven colours of the rainbow represent the seven chakras, from the first chakra (red) to the seventh chakra (violet)

Clearly, rainbow hues are in the eye of the beholder, which also makes sense scientifically.  Since each viewer’s sight is unique.

A fascination with rainbows merges mythology and science and poetry and culture acrosscivilisations. It is the universal platform of a common humanity.

The Global Rainbow Foundation have adopted the ‘rainbow’ as a symbol of diversity, inclusiveness, hope and yearning to contribute to a forthcoming world in which the rights to education, survival, protection, development and participation of every child and adult of any race and/or social creed are upheld.

GRF is set to shed rays of light particularly on those who are disadvantaged and those suffering from physical and mental disabilities. This is done through the promotion of opportunities that should allow all people to unleash their energies to reach their full potential, contribute to society, and have inputs in the processes that affect them. When we visualise all of humanity as being the same boat we understand better how the action of the one positively affects everyone else.

Rainbows also symbolise how, by reinforcing the colour of each, the distinct worthiness of each in their individual uniqueness, the collective rainbow is reinforced. Rainbows symbolise both togetherness and respect for diversity. The beauty of rainbows lie in juxtaposing a variety ofcolours. We are actively inclusive.  The GRF will gladly join hands with other like-minded rainbow organizations and synthesise their own efforts to ours.

Our aim is to bring a smile to every face; with each smile a distinct colour will combine and create a beautiful collective rainbow.

Join us & Be Part of the Rainbow! Remember: A single droplet glistening on a leaf can produce the tiniest, most accessible spectrum of colour. Your tiniest gesture of love can bring smiles to many.

Together, we make the rainbow.

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