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Indian Ocean Disability Network

Terms of Reference

For Service Contract of a Web agency/firm for

The Design and Development of Website


The Indian Ocean Disability Network (IODN) is a project funded by the Decentralised Cooperation Programme of the European Union (DCP/EU) operating under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The IODN is managed by a Project Implementation Committee (PIC), composed of some NGOs working in the disability sector. The overall purpose of this network is to provide a synergy among organisations working in the disability sector of the Indian Ocean countries (i.e.  Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega, Ile de La Réunion, Madagascar, Comores and Seychelles Islands), making them more efficient in their missions, hence contributing to the alleviation of poverty.

In March 2014, the DCP organised a regional conference acting as a networking platform for NonState Actors (NSAs) and this initiative was part of DCP’s efforts towards sustainable development goals and was focused on several priority themes which were deemed critical for the countries of the Indian Ocean region. One of the key theme of the conference was the DISABILITY sector. Following this successful conference, some NGOs which have participated in the regional conference especially working in the disability cluster came up with the proposal of setting up an Indian Ocean Disability Network.

It is expected that with the Indian Ocean Disability Network, the NGOs/Associations and NSAs in the Indian Ocean countries to team-up, collaborate and develop partnership by sharing both resources and expertise . NGOs and NSA will work together by carrying out extensive lobbying activities hence turning the vicious cycle of disability and poverty into a virtuous cycle through responsible leadership, inclusiveness and social capital.

Main Activities of the IODN:

Study (Data collection and analysis) of current situation of Persons with Disabilities

Website creation for stakeholders to register on, hence creating a directory and sharing resources/information covering the Indian Ocean countries and organise a Conference.

In general, the website needs to be well organised, up-to-date (modern and dynamic) and disabled friendly — both in terms of navigation, language, accessibility and gallery of images. Text on the site should be easily viewed and downloaded, as users want information quickly and in a layout and design that is easy to navigate and attract people’s eyes. The new website should encompass speed, quality design, logic, innovation, relevance, and accessibility. Overall, the web portal is expected to be a state of the art in term of functionality requirement, search engine optimisation, graphics, rounds of changes allowed, maintenance support, copyright issues, references sites, hosting and domain requirements. To this end, Indian Ocean Disability Network looks for a short-term consultancy services for the design and development of a website covering Indian Ocean Islands (i.e. Madagascar, Reunion, Comoros, Seychelles Islands and Republic of Mauritius).


The website will act as a tool to raise awareness of and to promote the “Indian Ocean Disability Network” project in order to support its success, sustainability and visibility in the region. It will also be used as a tool for communication and collaboration between the Indian Ocean Disability Networkstakeholders for the sharing of expertise, knowledge and resources to strengthen the network of professionals, NGO and information to the public in identified field of disability in Indian Ocean region. People with disabilities and their family should be able to find all useful information about services and means provided for them.


  1. To display the IODN country members.
  2. To showcase of events/activities/publications in relations to disability sector.
  3. To act as a directory (annuaire) of all the NGOs, private and public agencies and also, practitioners operating in the disability sector in Mauritius and the region.

User Groups/Audiences 

The intended users of the website include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Persons with disabilities
  • NGOs
  • General Public

Functions & Key results

The selected Firms / Agency will be required to create (design, develop, test and implement) a web platform within the designated timeline which meets the following criteria:

  • Interactive, appealing, highly usable and responsive web The design and solution must be easy to use.
  • Average site load-time should be reas
  • Search engine friendly
  • Able to render appropriately on a wide variety of different browsers
  • Be Secure: the design of the solution should adhere to security best practices, for example: passwords should not be stored in plain-text, all form data should be validated, all user input should be sanitized, user interactions and activities should be logged et
  • Design and final solution should adhere to accessibility : the Web solution should be designed to ensure that everyone, including users who  have  difficulty seeing,  hearing,  and  making  precise movements, can use them.
  • Public and Registered Users (Member’s) only Areas
  • Site news/Trending now content blocks: The web solution will provide content/screen areas containing:
  • Calendar
  • Upcoming events
  • Latest news/Site news
  • Trending topics
  • Secured & Authenticated Web Access Web solution should be secured in accordance with current best practices, for example through the use of an SSL Certificate and appropriate access control Access to web solution to be authenticated.
  • User Registration and Administration: The solution should allow users to complete an appropriate user registration User registration data and credentials are to be persisted by the solution in an appropriate form.  The user registration process should adhere to best practices and email verification and should be able to scale as needed i.e. No limit on the number of users that can register.
  • Administrators should be able to review user registration/profile details, change user roles/access rights, terminate / close user accoun
  • User Profile and Account Administration: Users should be able to view and update user generated information on self, for example personal details, password and account details, posts, preferences and
  • Privacy Settings Administration: Members should be able to configure how much of their profile information is shared with different users/user
  • Content Management: The solution should allow authorized project staff (or appointed personnel) to edit and update the website including the ability to create, remove, edit and publish cont
  • Site Statistics/Management Reports: The solution should provide authorized users with a number of relevant reports, for example user registration, site usage, key interests/topics being discussed within the collaborative spaces and other relevant statistical
  • Tagging/folksonomy: Users should be able to provide user-generated tags and descriptions of content being
  • Calendar, Events, Reminders, calendar integration: Specific authorized users should have the ability to create and administer events and event Other users should be able to search for and find events based on specific criteria. Members should be able to receive notifications that an event has been scheduled and reminders of upcoming events.
  • Social Network Integration
  • Mass Email/Messaging: The system should provide a feature to allow authorized content- administrators (or other authorized administrators) to contact all or group/community members. This feature may be used to facilitate the dissemination of
  • Email Notifications
  • Document Management  System  (DMS):  Document  upload  (any  file  format)  with Description – Who uploaded – Date of upload – File Format , creation of new relevant page (if required), Mouse Over description on File Name (compatible to major OS and Browser) image uploaded should be uploaded with the appropriate meta-data including mandatory keywords / tags / fields (will be decided later) – for internal Search Indexing.
  • Spam Control: The solution should provide an automated challenge system that reduces the number of spam comments/posts that either need moderation or slip through filtering mechanisms.
  • Search: The solution should provide users with the ability to search for and locate content based on keywords and key Search should not be limited to articles, pages or other forms of content-administrator created posts but should also include user-generated content found within the community areas.
  • Find a Member feature and Community/Group Member listing Views: The solution should allow users to find the member of a particular community or group based on some relevant criteria. In addition to the aforementioned feature a registered user should be able to view the list of members of any group that they are a part
  • The solution must be able to accommodate the inclusion of transcripts/narrations for video content. Transcripts/Narration may be available in multiple (Video could be uploaded on other websites, with streaming option on Intranet)
  • Blog: Intranet should be capable of having Blog(s), with different themes / designs (at- least 3 themes / designs to choose from).
  • Content Moderation Mechanism: Users/Members who have been granted relevant access rights should be allowed to flag, and moderate other members’ comments/posts.
  • Survey & Poll: Intranet should be able to conduct a survey of around 10 to 20 questions and Polling / voting system should also be availa
  • Public Users and Members Electronic Document Catalogue: Users should be allowed to search for, view and/or download articles and do
  • Users should also be able to assign star ratings on articles, videos and other informational content.

Supervision & Contact

Supervision and contact for the consultant will be carried out by the Project coordinator and the Project Implementation Committee, the final product will be approved by the Project Implementation Committee.


The Indian Ocean Disability Network Project will hold exclusive rights to all design and other work products contained on the website. Should the consultant require use of the website in their portfolio, they will require written permission from the Indian Ocean Disability Network.


The Assignment will be considered complete on:

  • Training of IODN staff on Website as well as update & maintenance
  • Installation of the final application (French/English);
  • complete handover of installation to IODN;
  • Transfer of all user rights to IODN
  • Submission of  required  documentation  is  complete,  approved  and  signed  along  with  the complete Source Code Successful functioning of the application for 90 days (3 months warranty) with no functionality and data issues reported;
  • Firms to run the completed website through a Website Security Auditor Company for security check;
  • Firms must  submit  the  Sample  Website  Design,  Wireframe  and  Software  Requirement
  • Specification (SRS) before final programming stage;

Proposal Structure

Quotations should be structured as follows and provide complete details as indicated:

  1. Company Profile (Board of Directors, Office location(s); key staff to be involved in website and their relevant experience etc.);
  2. Understanding of the Scope of Work;
  3. Proposed Methodology / Approach and detailed Timeline with Deliverables;
  4. Proposed Technology (with justification);-please highlight the pros & cons of the technology proposed;
  5. Team Strength and also, the CV of the resource person who will work on this project);
  6. Detailed Cost Break-up (Design, Programming, Warranty, SSL Certificate, Security Audit, Hosting, Maintenance;
  7. Details of SEO strategy and training of Project Personnel in how to go about creating and managing content; Analytics and website monitoring report capabilities;
  8. Sample(s) of similar work-done (please list active web address);
  9. Hosting Service (if you provide such services) (optional);
  10. Links to good examples /client portfolio work already completed by the consultant.
  11. Service Financial proposal.

Within 15 working days, a demo/mock-up of the proposed website (using publisher/PowerPoint or other) to be presented to the PIC before the final selection & signature of the service contract.

Duration of the study:

Starting date: May 2016

Live Website: July 2016

The deadline for submission (via registered post) is Tuesday 26th April before 14pm.

Download the TOR 

  Tor_Website_-IODN.pdf (226.1 KiB, 92 hits)

Mark clearly on the envelop IODN – Website Design & Development Project and attention to:


Mr. Joel Violette,

Project Manager

Decentralised Cooperation Programme of the European Union (DCP/EU)

C/o Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

9th Floor Emmanuel Anquetil Building, Port-Louis.

Note: The IODN reserves the right to convene only the best qualified candidates for interview/demo presentation as well as the right not to make any appointment following this advertisement.

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