Global Rainbow Foundation- Rehabilitation and Training Centre

 GRF Rehabilitation and Training Centre  helps persons with disabilities to reach their highest possible level of physical, functional, and cognitive independence. The Rehabilitation Program is interdisciplinary with each discipline bringing a unique knowledge and skill set to the rehabilitation process. Patients and their family members are vital members of the rehabilitation team and are integrated early into the rehabilitation process assisting with goal setting and other essential management strategies.


  • To provide an expert, interdisciplinary and compassionate care that can make an important difference in a patient’s rehabilitation and change their outlook on the future.
  • To assist individuals with disabilities to achieve optimal functioning through specialised assistive technologies
  • Bridge the divide between disability data and users of such data through awareness and health promotion campaigns guided by evidence based research.
  • Provide active training to personnel involved in daily management of PwDs, including potential employers
  • To invest in specific programmes and services for people with disabilities including rehabilitation, support services, and training.
  • Leverage a synergy with other NGOs in the field of disability to develop best practices for training of PwDs

Our Rainbow Programs

  • Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation
  • Amputee Rehabilitation
  • Stroke and Neurologic Rehabilitation
  • Diabetic Awareness and prevention Program
  • ICT and Ability
  • GRF Entrepreneurial Incubator for PwDs
  • Enhancing employability for PwD’s

Our Interdisciplinary Team

An interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals addresses the special needs of each patient. All team members combine their individual expertise to create the best possible treatment program. Our team consists of the following:

  • Physician- providing complete medical assessment, follow up and subsequent treatment plan for short and long term care
  • Occupational Therapist- providing assistance in regaining activities of daily living such as eating, grooming, bathing and eating
  • Physiotherapist- improving strength , balance , coordination, endurance and mobility
  • Speech Therapist– evaluating and treating disorders of swallowing and communication
  • Psychologist– helping patients and families cope with the unpredictable and sometimes unchangeable aspect of chronic illness and disability.
  • Trainers in IT, Embroidery, Jewellery
  • Art/Laughter Therapists

Download Our Brochure

  Brochure GRF Rehabilitation and Training Centre.pdf (13.5 MiB, 643 hits)

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