Mobility through The Hope Initiative Project

Mobility through Hope Initiative Project

Mohammad Yaaseen Edoo is one among the fortunate beneficiaries of the holistic initiative of Global Rainbow Foundation, Hope Initiative. Since birth he has been suffering from Spina Bifida, a malformation of the vertebral column affecting the spine and the nervous system.


Mohammad Yaaseen Edoo is one among the fortunate beneficiaries of the holistic initiative of Global Rainbow Foundation, Hope Initiative. Since birth he has been suffering from Spina Bifida, a malformation of the vertebral column affecting the spine and the nervous system.
Unlike any other child of his age, Yaaseen has never attended primary school in his life. He stayed at home with his mum at home until the age of 12 when he was registered to the Training and Employment of Disabled Persons Board. There was a primary school teacher Mr. Rishi Bundoo who was appointed to work with the Disabled Children. Working with him, he noticed Yaaseen’s potential, his desire to learn more and on top all of the other Disabled Children. He talked about Yaaseen with the manager at that time Mr. Ajay Thacoor of his potential.

Both of them decided to do something for Yaaseen for him to sit for Certificate of Primary Education (CPE). They made the necessary with the MES. Unfortunately, it was too late in 2000. Registration deadline was over. In 2001 Mr. Bundoo left T.E.D.P.B to join back his Primary School. He then decided to come at Yaaseen’s home once a week to provide him with tuition that too on a voluntary basis. He then sat for the CPE Exams in the year 2001 and succeeded brilliantly. Yaaseen completed his School Certificate and Higher School Certificate with Success at the Professor Hassan Raffa State Secondary School at Bois Pignolet Terre-Rouge.

Recently, Yaaseen have received his Diploma in Information Systems with specialisation in Multimedia & Web Technologies from the hand of our Chancellor Mr. Guillon of Université Des Mascareignes. At present, he is pursuing his studies for a BSc in Multimedia and Web Technologies at Université Des Mascareignes.


Photo Courtesy of l’hebdomadaire Sunday Times

Beside his studies, Yaaseen is a Board Member of the National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (NCRD) of the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions. He is also Leader member of Young Voices of Mauritius which is a group of Youngsters with Disabilities supported by Leonard Cheshire Mauritius and taken care by an international group organization the Leonard Cheshire Disability Global Alliance in UK.

One of the major problems that he faced in his life has always been that of accessibility to public transport. Being a wheelchair user, he cannot attend his courses and other public places on his own. He has to rely on a taxi to attend his courses. As a result of inaccessible transport in Mauritius for the wheelchair users, it prevents himself from being employed. After his Diploma in Information Systems, several IT companies contacted him to work for them but as soon as Yaaseen talks of transport facilities his chance of earning that job went away.

Being an educated person, his aims are to succeed in his education and to earn a decent job in IT with transport facilities so that he can live independently and also contribute to the economy of Mauritius. Yaaseen sincerely believes if government put reasonable effort to employ persons with disabilities who are able and willing to work, Mauritius will become more prosperous.

Yaaseen has been documenting himself since a long time on Disability related information. From this learning process he has discovered many lacking in Mauritius. Also, being someone who is always interested in news, he has learnt a lot on the different discriminations that persons with disabilities face in their daily lives. Thus he wants to build on and continue to fight for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Mauritius using the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD).

Yaaseen Edoo was offered the motorized wheelchair at the closing ceremony of the Jaipur foot camp on the 8th of January 2014 at Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre at Pailles and thanks the generous sponsors for providing this gift of mobility. The motorized wheelchair has been very useful to him whenever he wants to go outside in his garage, to go out in the street. He uses it also when he goes out to a public place with his parents. With the manual wheelchair he had to put much effort in manipulating it and very often he suffered from arms pain. However, with the motorized wheelchair this is no longer a problem and he experiences no more arms pain.

To conclude, Yaaseen Edoo has a powerful message to pass to all our readers which we quote:

“In life you will come across good people, who will care, respect and help you, and you will also meet people who will say things to bring you down and demotivate you. Remember Almighty God is the best planner. He knows very well why He has created you in such a way. Persons with Disabilities are unique gifts whom Almighty God has sent on this Earth so that Non-Persons with Disabilities learn many lessons from them. Finally, I want to tell all Persons with Disabilities never to feel alone and discourage in life. Always be positive, trust and pray to Almighty God and continue your beautiful life. Almighty God will create wonders in your life, things you would never have expected.”

-By Desyrani Rampertab

A Drupal Enthusiast & Social Entrepreneur

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