Message from Navin Gulia

I am so glad and enthused at the launch of Global Rainbow Foundation.  I wish the Global Rainbow Foundation and every one associated with it, all success.

“The people of this world are like colors of a rainbow. They look good only when they are together and only when they are equally taken care of.”

The only thing that differentiates us humans from other species and the major reason for our success as a race is the compassion we hold and the sense of giving we have towards our fellow beings. The compassion and the sense of giving is our biggest asset.

I offer my full support to Global Rainbow Foundation and promise to be there whenever and where ever needed. It will be my pleasure and honour.

I will conclude with a quote from my book ‘In Quest of the Last Victory’, which says

Our body and our mind have infinite ability stored in them. Our ability never restricts us, our thoughts do. If we think we can, we can. If we think we can not, we can not.

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