MBC Coverage : Donation of WheelChairs by SBI (Mauritius) Ltd

March 16, 2015, Solitude – SBI (Mauritius) Ltd officially launched its CSR initiatives for the year 2015 today at the Jaipur Foot Centre. Rs 265,000 were donated to the Global Rainbow Foundation for the purchase of 9 motorised wheelchairs.

These wheelchairs were officially donated by the Managing Director and CEO of SBI (Mauritius) Ltd, Mr. Shyam Swaroop Asthana to the beneficiaries, during an official ceremony held today in Solitude, in the presence of Prof. Armoogum Parsuramen, Founder and President of the Global Rainbow Foundation, Mr. Deepak Lingwal, Chief Operating Officer of SBI (Mauritius) Ltd and Mr. David Chinapah, PRO of the Bank. Other CSR activities are planned during the coming two weeks including a ceremony in Rodrigues on Saturday.

SBI (Mauritius) Ltd’s CSR threefold strategy for 2015 will be based on 1) Provision of Social Housing, 2) Assistance to poor and needy children and 3) Inclusion of disabled persons in society. The Bank’s will be spending Rs 1. 465 Million towards social projects for the financial year ending 31st March 2015. The first project was presented today by Mr. Asthana at the Jaipur Foot Centre in Solitude. “Our institution values the Mauritian community and has set priority social goals for the coming 5 years. We want needy people to benefit from our social funds and this is why we are promoting projects aimed at providing assistance to the poor while focusing more on needy children.”

Talking about the Bank’s collaboration with the Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF), he explained how SBIML witnessed the considerable achievements of the (GRF). “we are honoured today to be associated with the GRF in the provision of motorised wheelchairs to 9 beneficiaries, a gift that will accompany them all the way through the Hope initiative, an initiative of the trust which aims at providing access to an assistive device to a disabled person”, the Managing Director and CEO of SBI (Mauritius) Ltd added.

The Global Rainbow Foundation was founded by Mr. Armoogum Parsuramen who is also the President of this trust. One of its objective is to implement projects aimed at poverty alleviation, advancement of education, providing assistance to physically and mentally challenged individuals and relief to vulnerable groups. It recently launched the HOPE Initiative, a social aid program which promotes the inclusion of disabled persons in the society and allows them to have a more dignified life. “The HOPE Initiative consists of the donation of an assistive device thus giving the beneficiaries the opportunity for a holistic development. Above all, the HOPE initiative wishes to bring happiness, dignity, and respect to its beneficiaries within society and more importantly, help them to be independent and mobile. Today our heartfelt thanks goes to SBI (Mauritius) Ltd for providing funds for purchase of wheelchairs for 9 beneficiaries with disabilities including a small girl of four years old from Rodrigues Island. With this new gift of mobility, the beneficiaries of our Hope Initiative Program will benefit from numerous health, economic and educational advantages ,” Mr. Parsuramen explained.

SBI (Mauritius) will donate funds to 6 other NGOs during the coming days. A donation ceremony will be organised in Rodrigues during the week-end. SBI will officially donate Rs 200,000 to Caritas Rodrigues.

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