“Life From a Sitting-Down Perspective ” – by Jessica Pabst

My name is Jessica Pabst and I have written a book which I hope will help many people. I was in a bad car accident in 2000 in which I suffered a brain injury and paralysis. I have learned much in the past 13 years and I decided to put it all together in a sort of “disability guide”. I know that if I would have had this right after my accident adapting to my new life would have been much easier.

It is called “Life From a Sitting-Down Perspective”. It is for sale on my publisher’s website, trafford .com, and many other sites including amazon. Please look it up, and if you think it could help others tell them about it on your site. I’m not in this to make money. I just want to help people!

However, the book is not only tips. I also have included words which I believe will help people to not become depressed and will keep them from giving up on their dreams. I have included below brief descriptions of the different sections.


Why I have written the book and what I hope to accomplish through it, which I explained above.


Explanation of my car accident and how I became paralyzed. I was riding in the car with my friend in January 2000 and we started to slide off the road. She turned the wheel back to the left trying to prevent sliding off the road. We got all four wheels back on, but because it was icy we did a U-turn and ended up in the other lane going the right way. There was a semi truck going that way and did not have time to slow down. He ran in to the back bumper with full force. This broke my spine and threw me in the back. I was in a coma for one week and paralyzed.


All of the bad things I have been through in my life, but made into an ice cream sundae. I believe that sadness can only affect us if we let it. It is important to make negative things positive so we are not sad every time we think about them. I have many ingredients in the sundae! The cake is when I accidentally stabbed myself in the eye with scissors, the ice cream is the car accident and the cherry on top is a fire I suffered at my house in 2011. It destroyed my bedroom and bathroom. I say in the book that I believe everything happens for a reason, and the positive about the fire was that I wrote the book when I was staying with my mom while my house was being remodeled.


Many of the things I have learned of the years. I have “Helpers” including pill packs for medication organization, an air compressor to keep tires properly inflated all the time and a medication list typed on the computer and printed out to use for doctors’ appointments. These are great for patients because they do not have to write out their meds (which can be many) at every appointment, but also for the doctor because not all handwriting is easy to read.

Bathroom Tips

Tips for going to the bathroom, like putting a pad on the toilet lid so your back isn’t hurt when leaning back against it, and also for washing, such as the handheld shower sprayer.

My Chair

Parts I have on my chair and why I have them. Upper side guards to prevent too much side-to-side movement, and anti-tip bars on the back of the chair so there is less chance of falling over backward.

Out & About

Tips for going out and doing things. I have the explanation of hand-controls and “Helpers” when out. An example of these is the basket I use for going to stores. I have my own target basket that I use for carrying things when I am out shopping, but also for bringing things I have bought from the car into my house.


The positive points of disabilities. Examples include parking up front and that many people believe they learn what is truly important in left.

Best Medicine

Comedy about disabilities (the picture is hospital gown modeling before surgery). Includes songs reworded to make them funnier. ZZ Top’s Legs: “She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.” I sing “I’ve got legs, you know I can’t move them.” I also have wordplay jokes, such as “I will never die because I can’t kick the bucket!” I say I know it is cheesy but that is the point: Have fun with life!


The importance not losing dreams (aspirations), achieving them (realization) through hard work (dedication and determination) and the good feelings (gratification and congratulation) that come with the accomplishments. I have inspirational song lyrics, as well as positive messages at the end.

My Mother

We have been through much together and persevered with the help of our love. I show my appreciation and love to her in many different ways.

My Father

He passed away, but I know he is not completely gone. I speak of our love and ways he has shown me that he is still with me.


I reiterate why I have written the book and what I hope to accomplish with it. My big message repeated: “It is much better to live your life with a smile on your face than tears.”

Post Notes

Please let me know if you can help me get the word out about this. I know it can help many people in many different situations.

Thank you, Jessie Pabst

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