Kate Currawalla – Maharashtra Dyslexia Association (India)

Dear Mr. Parsuramen,


It is for some time now that you have been working towards launching an organisation that can serve the educational and professional training needs of the people of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region, bringing hope for future self-realisation and prosperity to countless people currently handicapped by physical and economic challenges.  We, at the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association in Mumbai, send our greetings on the occasion of the formal inauguration of the Global Rainbow Foundation, which you have been working to get off the ground for so long.


With the focus of economic development shifting to Africa and Asia, our countries hold promise of increased opportunities for employment and growth like never before and it is crucial that people with challenges benefit equally from these opportunities and develop their talents and abilities, if our economies are to prosper.  The MDA joins me in pledging our support for the objectives of the Global Rainbow Foundation, and commit ourselves to lending our resources and expertise to its goals in the areas of education and training for people with challenges in your region and everywhere.


With your passion for the cause, and determination to continue to serve your people through the voluntary sector even in retirement, the GRF is bound to make a difference in the lives of stakeholders who look to it for guidance and help in realising their considerable talents and potential.  Here’s wishing you all the very best.




Kate Currawalla


Kate Currawalla


Maharashtra Dyslexia Association

003 Amit Park,

Lala Jamnadas Gupta Marg,

Deonar Farm Road,

Mumbai 400 088, India.


Tel: +91 22 2556 5754

Email: mda@dyslexiaindia.com

Website: www.mdamumbai.com

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