Jaipur Foot Mauritius 2013 Launch Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony for Jaipur Foot Mauritius took place at University of Mauritius on 21st December 2013 . Hon.Mrs. Sheila Bappoo G.O.S.K , Minister of Social Security was the Chief Guest, in the presence of Hon Surendra Dayal, Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, and the sponsors of the program.

Prof. Armoogum Parsuramen G.O.S.K ,Founder President ,Global Rainbow Foundation officially introduced the Jaipur Foot Initiative to the audience and provided much insight on the relevant and vital aspect of this project

Mrs. Sudha Chandran , a proclaimed actress and Professional Bharatnatyam Dancer , Global Ambassador for GRF ,gave a mesmerizing performance at the launch event.

This marked the launching of the Jaipur foot Limb Fitment Camp 2013 scheduled at Dr James Burty David Recreational Center at Pointe aux Sable where around 200 Amputees from Mauritius.





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