A young and motivated team of Technology enthusiasts striving to contribute to the world of disability with Information Technology being the backbone.

“At my computer I can forget my disabilities and concentrate wholly on my capabilities”

Team Leader: Ashesh Ramjeeawon MBCS

Group emailing list: it[at]globalrainbowfoundation.org


 Vision – help with seeing your screen

 Hearing – help with sounds and audio

 Motor – help with keyboard and mouse difficulties

 Cognitive – help with reading, spelling and understanding


Digital Inclusion

Web Accessibility 

Disabled persons may face barriers in accessing the web in many ways. As a very visual medium, the web presents unique problems to the millions of people who have low, restricted or no vision. Many disabled people often need to use assistive technology or AT, to access computers to use the web. For eg. blind web users will use screen reader software which reads aloud the content of web pages. Other examples of assistive technologies include:

  • JAWS Screenreader
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition
  • Zoomtext\SuperNova screen magnification
  • Windows High Contrast colour scheme

PDF Accessibility

PDFs can often be inaccessible to disabled users, for example, without careful modification blind users will be unable to understand images or differentiate between paragraph text, headings, lists or tables in any of your PDF documents.

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