GRF Visit at Silver Linings, India

GRF Chairman, together with a delegation met Ms Preeti Monga on 20th Feb 2013. Following small pox vaccination, her optic nerves got damaged and she lost her sight at the age of 12.  She was thrown out of school and went for open schooling.  As a mother of 2 children, she had to become financially independent and started taking aerobic classes to be able to work as aerobic instructor.  With hard work and perseverance, she finally made it and was the first blind person to become an aerobic instructor.  She also became head of PR in an eye hospital; she eventually left her job and started a company with her brother and husband – Silver Linings.  She has a team of 11 people and works in HR consultancy, successfully providing a range of services to corporate clients :

Executive Search – Specializing in Head Hunting. Training –Motivation; Stress Management; Soft Skill; Behavioral. Gifting – Corporate ; Promotional;  Events. End to end CSR Advisory; including demystifying workshops  and counseling. Printing Solutions.& Incentive Travel.

The best thing is that through her job she encourages companies to recruit people with disabilities,organises training and demystifying workshops to make companies more confident about recruiting people with disabilities,  and provides support all the way through for the successful integration of disabled employees in the companies.

GRF will try to support Silver Linings as a partner in its quest to go beyond national borders.  GRFwill try to work on an MOU with Silver Linings to see what each party can bring to this partnership.

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