GRF Scholarship Award to Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust ,India

Prof Parsuramen Giving Scholarship Award to the students at Amart Jyoti School with Dr. Uma Tuli

Prof Parsuramen Giving Scholarship Award to the students at Amart Jyoti School with Dr. Uma Tuli Prof Parsuramen Giving Scholarship Award to the students at Amart Jyoti School with Dr. Uma Tuli

Amar Jyoti – A Pioneering Inclusive School Rehabilitation Centre

For the last three and a half decades Amar Jyoti has stood out as a pioneering institute  working in the field of  Inclusive Education   and rehabilitation of persons  with disabilities .

The Trust established with the sole purpose of rehabilitation of disabled people and children, started a school for Inclusive education, admitting able bodied children alongwith  the disabled .   It is a middle school  upto VIII standard (likely to be upgraded  upto  secondary level soon )  .We admit children with all disabilities- orthopaedic , speech/  hearing, visual impairment and mentally challenged.  As of now there  are 510 students (integrated group) in the school.  Since our Mantra is inclusive, all our activities are inclusion- be it sports or cultural ( dance/ music), English lab  imparts  spoken English  training  and  children enjoy doing  experiments in science lab.

We have a branch in Gwalior , Madhya Pradesh working on the same lines.  That school   is already upto class Xth  and has about 350 students.

After leaving Amar Jyoti, our children go to mainstream school, colleges and university.  Some of them have excelled in academics have  won acclaim  in many fields and are working as teachers   and in many other fields.   All our buildings in Delhi and Gwalior are barrier free a factor that has contributed greatlyin making the children confident.   Amar  Jyoti  has been  given National Award  for barrier free environment.

Medical assistance is a major pre-requisite   if disabled children are to be admitted in school.  An Orthotic workshop provides necessary aids/ appliances to orthopedically disabled enabling them to come easily to school.  To help the disabled physiotherapy, occupational therapy units are there.  Speech/ hearing impaired children are catered  to  by speech therapy unit and visually impaired by ophthalmology  unit.  Mentally challenged are checked by   Child Guidance Clinic ( special sections in school  cater to their educational needs)   of these  children.   Since the school admits slow learners also the  Trust   started   classes for   special  Education Teachers’ Training.  Diploma courses in mentalretardation and hearingimpairment are successfully running with the   approval of RCI.

Gwalior centre is running Jiwaji University approved B.Ed course in  hearing  impairment, besides diploma in the same discipline.

  • Centre for Open School facilitates education of slow learners and dropouts.  We conduct IIIrd , Vth, VIIIth, Xth  and XII  class NIOS examination .  We have also  got  accreditation from NIOS  for  Vocational Training in computers, cutting & Tailoring and beauty culture.
  • This year the onerous   task for giving  life skill training   to  Deafblind children has been  taken up  in collaboration with  – Sense International
  • IGNOU – Centre imparts under graduate education  in 24 subjects besides diploma courses in some subjects.
  • Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy  runs under graduate 4 ½ course  in physiotherapy and is  affiliated  to  University of Delhi.

  • Vocational Training in various disciplines leads to empowerment. Children above  class III are sent to different  vocational training  in computers, cutting & Tailoring, beauty culture, Art & Craft and Jewellery Units.  Our beauty culture unit has got accreditation  with National Skill Development corporation (N.S.D.C)
  • Abilympics – The  vision of  Abilympics (Olympics of abilities of persons with disability)  is to focus on discovering  and nurturing the talents of  persons with disabilities and create  opportunities for employment.  Amar Jyoti is  the  nodal agency for these competitions held at international level in different countries every four years.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation centre (CBR)-  This project   started with  the objective of providing medical educational, vocational and social rehabilitation to persons with disabilities.   Those who cannot  come to main entre are catered in their own  areas by our CBR Team.  10 East Delhi  slums and villages are the beneficiaries.
  • Placement Unit provides free career guidance for all ages and to the persons with special abilities.
  • Social work department acts as a  bridge between  the school and all rehabilitation units of Amar Jyoti .

Amar Jyoti’s  vision  of  creating   a rights  based  society  and to give  equal opportunities  to persons with disabilities  to facilitate  their mainstreaming  is being fulfilled  through our activities  and support of government ,  like minded people and institutions.

Nistha Jain photo student amar jyoti

Ku. Nishtha Jain  ( Class VII)  – recipient of ‘Outstanding Achiever of the year’  award from the President  Hon’ble Shree Pranabh Mukarjee for the year 2014-15  is the cynosure of   Amar  Jyoti School ever since she came to this institution about  eight years ago.

Though she had been living with the trauma of not having upper limbs since birth,yet there was no sign of that trauma in her day to day activities.  She did everything with her feet writing, painting, and cutting things with scissors and to everyone’s surprise making clay pots on potter wheels!  Operating a computer with feet is no problem for her.  She took everyone by surprise in a conference organized by UNESCO wherein she presented a short film made by her  on computer.

Nishtha has excelled in academics also and stood first in the class for many years.  She participates in nearly all extra activities like games, elocution competitions , and dance events.

With motivation and  grit she can go far in life.

christeen , photo student amar jyoti

Christeen  Tigga, a student of special class ( slow learner )  belongs to a very low income family, her father works as a labour in an animal product factory.

Christeen is suffering from Cretinism, a disease making the bones brittle.  The disease seems to be genetic in    the family because her brother is also affected by it  The ailment  seems to have affected her  growth also, because she is unable to stand on her legs (uses wheelchair) and looks small for her age ( 7 yrs)

The brightness in her eyes and a ready smile on her face indicate that the child is eager to imbibe as much from school aspossible.  The proof is her public speeches!  She speaks ( on a given topic)   so confidently that if one is not  present in front of her, it sounds like a  grownup child speaking.

With determination and loving support she can achieve much in life.

Nistha Jain photo student amar jyoti

Master Shubham Kumar, a student of class VII  is an amputee with only one limb (lower right limb).  The trauma of amputation and experiences in schools (before coming to Amar Jyoti)  seem to have made an introvert of the boy.  The open  arm welcome that he received in the school must have touched him and raised his confidence because gradually he started doing things with his one feet.  He learned to driver even his wheelchair with one feet.  He drove backwards of course!

With increasing confidence and interaction with peers, his performance also improved.  Despite the fact that he writes with his foot, he gets good positions in class examinations. He gets third in an integrated Essay Competition conducted by Tata Building India.  He has won prizes in elocution and drawing competitions and is a good singer.  He also won a bronze medal in  the Integrated  Inter School Sports Meet in 2013.

He operates on computer with his foot and his skills  are improving .  A short film made by him impressed everyone at UNESCO conference in Delhi.  He has also been selected to  participate in  “2015 Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities (GITC) in Indonesia where children will given live performance of their IT skills.

Shubham can achieve much in life because he seems to be possessed by a deep rooted determination.

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