GRF Meeting on Barrier Free Access

In the GRF’s ongoing crusade to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities and promote social inclusion rather than exclusion, a meeting was called in Port Louis to bring together many different experts in hopes of realizing the GRF’s goal of barrier free access for all people.

The meeting, which included experts in architecture, public policy, and law, were facilitated in discussion by the hardships faced by Mr. Ramloo Appadoo, who for many years has been visually impaired and inconvenienced by the lack of proper infrastructure in Mauritius for persons with disabilities. While many proposals were entertained, successful implementations of cost-effective methods for infrastructure improvements for persons with disabilities from other countries were championed as excellent models for future implementation.

The consensus best plan for legal action was to start at the district level, which will then hopefully matriculate down into the smaller levels of government. With the recent flash floods and devastation of the bus accident on the island, the panel agreed that Mauritians are now at a sensitive state of mind, ready for reform, including for the disabled.

The committee will reconvene on the 28th of May in Port Louis for a more focused plan on implementation with each sub committee bringing in pre-specified research to create a more knowledgeable base to move forward.

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