GRF App for Android

Global Rainbow Foundation is pleased to inform you that we have taken a step further in our endevour  to spread education to the community to help the differently abled in Mauritius . We have released an App for the Android phone users .

The GRF app contains information for various schools and organizations which are working for the welfare of  the differently abled people by providing them Education , Training and Employment , Rehabilitation and other services.

Preview of the App:

grf app2

grf app preview

The GRF app provides information regarding all the organizations dedicated to the cause  in Mauritius. The GRF App connects people to these organizations by providing Information such as

  • Names and Addresses of the Organizations.
  • List of all the Organizations sorted by Region (Port Louis,Plaines Wilhems,Flaq .. ..)
  • The Contact Number, Email ID
  • Geographical Location tracking Using Maps.

The GRF app is available for Android Platform , we are in process of developing the app for other platforms such as ios.

The GRF App can be downloaded from Play Store-Download the App

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