Edycs Epilepsy Group

Registered Ngo Licence 5268 Registrar of Associations

CSR Accreditation No. N/1045

442 Boulevard Rivatlz Port Louis Mauritius Tels 2131733/2081904 Fax 2081904

email: edycs.org@intnet.mu

The key focus of Edycs Epilepsy Group’s work in Mauritius is to raise the profile of the organization while increasing both public and professional understanding and awareness of epilepsy.  Epilepsy is the most common brain disorder affecting more than 25,000 people in Mauritius including Rodrigues island.

The organization founded on 24 December 1997 under the leadership of Youssouf Noormamode has grown significantly with the establishment of the following Centers supported by both Government and Corporate Social Responsibility Programs funding:

  • Edycs Epilepsy Health Service Center located at 442 Boulevard Rivaltz Port Louis staffed by trained epilepsy individuals and medical Professional Volunteers providing free epilepsy care services including counseling, training and social aid to individuals with epilepsy;

  • Edycs Help to Grow Educational & Rehabilitation Center located at 4 Boulevard Rivaltz registered to the Ministry of Education as Specialized School work to inspire and motivate children and young adolescents with epilepsy to develop practical skills and achieve their potential;

  • Edycs Rodrigues Epilepsy Health Service Center located at Quarters la Ferme supported by the Rodrigues Regional Assembly Commission for Health staffed to address the needs of individuals with epilepsy through medical care, therapeutic massage, training and counseling;

  • Edycs Rodrigues Help to Grow Educational & Rehabilitation Center located at Manick la Ferme prime objective is to help children and adolescents with epilepsy with learning life, numeracy, literacy and communication skills.

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