Care-Co (Rodrigues): Rehabilitation and Production Centre.


Republic of Mauritius.

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Care-Co –Rodrigues is a privately run Rehabilitation and Production Centre.

It is set up as a Non Profit making small enterprise and Registered in Mauritius.

People with disabilities are given training and employment, with full remuneration and all the conditions of work laid down by Government regulations.


The story background.

In 1989 a Branch of Craft-Aid (Mauritius) was opened in Rodrigues in small rented premises in Port Mathurin and six people with disabilities were employed. One of these is Gonzague Pierre Louis who is blind and still attends the centre daily (although now retired).

Today the organization has been renamed Care-Co and there are three departments. The handicrafts department produces a range of wearable and non-wearable and novelties mainly made from Coconut shell.

Another Department makes beehives and a range of beekeeping equipment as well as chain link fencing. The Beekeeping and Honey processing department was set up in 1994 and the Michael Duggan Model teaching Apiary is sited on the premises.

Two sales points are operated by the organization, one of which is in the town centre of Port Mathurin and the other on the workshop premises. Training courses in beekeeping and handicrafts are held regularly for the graduates of the Gonzague Pierre Louis Special Learning Centre which is found adjacent.

Marketing is also done in Mauritius and overseas. The Centre has employed up to 35 people in the past and 15 associated beekeepers (with disabilities) work at home, and are supported by the Centre with equipment and marketing facilities.

All government regulations and conditions regarding employment are respected. These include, minimum wage, sick and local leaves as well as end of year bonus, fares and medical expenses paid. All the employees contribute to the National Pension Scheme. Uniforms and protective clothing is provided.

In 2009 Honey from Care-Co was awarded First Prize in Class 6 (Honey from all countries of the world except UK & Ireland) at the National Honey Show UK.

Also in 2009 Care-Co was a finalist in the BBC, Newsweek, and Shell World Challenge for innovative enterprises worldwide.


The position now. (2011)

The World economic and financial crisis has hit small business worldwide and visitors to Rodrigues tend to be fewer and spend less locally. A number of full time employees have had to be laid off as demand has fallen.

In order to survive Care-Co has had to take measures to reduce expenditure. There are now only 18 persons with disabilities, full time employed on a time reduced working week. Some are hearing impaired others are visually impaired or have physical or mental disabilities.

New markets and product possibilities are constantly being explored. We are also engaging in fund raising. The Centre benefits from Embassy and CSR Grants to buy new equipment and engage in training and marketing.

What can you do to help?

Buy our products and help to support the trainees from the GPLSLC and contact us if you have any ideas on marketing or product possibilities.


How to do this?

1) Visit Rodrigues and come to our workshop or shops.

2) Contact us by email. Or by ordinary mail. We can supply a catalogue of products and conditions of sale.

3) Contribute by a CSR Programme donation.

Contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss ways in which you or your company can help us in our work among the disabled in Rodrigues.



  1. tren koen

    November 13, 2013 at 9:20 am

    hi there
    is there anywhere in Mauritius where your honey is being sold or perhaps you have an agent I can get in touch with?

    • Paul Draper

      August 2, 2014 at 2:37 pm

      Hi Tren.
      I see that it is almost a year since you left this message.
      I do not visit this site often
      Better to contact us direct about any enquiry on or .& I’ll reply.

      Best rgds.
      Paul Draper.


    December 5, 2013 at 7:56 am

    Hello Paul Draper,

    Please note my email address has changed since I retired in July 2013.

    In future, use :

    Trust you Paul, and the staff and children & workers are keeping well.

    Best wishes,
    Gaetan DENNEMONT
    London, Battersea

    • Paul Draper

      August 2, 2014 at 2:38 pm

      Hi. I do not visit this site often – so ….
      But i already have your new email.
      P.S.What’s latest on Kevin.

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