Brahma Kumaris – (Khoyratty – Mauritius)

Dear Divine Brother Dassen,

Om Shanti.

It gives me and the family of Global Peace House great pleasure to congratulate you on the launching of the Global Rainbow Foundation on Saturday last.

It must be a great satisfaction to have been able to embark on such a noble initiative for which you have been working for so many years.  With your energy, strength, drive and above all faith in God, we are sure it would be only a matter of time before the Foundation achieves its objectives and perform great service to the community!

For so worthy a cause, you deserve all the praise, cooperation and blessings of your divine BKFamily.

Remember, the blessings of Baba have already been bestowed upon you in Mount Abu.

You have the best wishes and blessings of all the brothers and sisters of Global Peace House for continued success in all that you undertake in this important new chapter of your life.

May God spare you for many more years of service to humanity!

Yours Sisterly

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