Armoogum Parsuramen – Felicitations on GRF Launch

Dear Friend

I wish to dedicate the message in link below below to you for being with me and GRF…we will together grow and be a Rainbow Umbrella in the service of GOD to humanity!
Also the Malayan proverb  below is from AP to you!
Malayan Proverb Quote:
“One can pay back the loan of Gold but one
dies forever in debt to those who are kind.”
We are all part of the blessed Rainbow…7 letters…seven colours,seven chakras, seven coloured earth at chamarel…seven valley at Ferney Mauritius.and so on…so on…
Warm regards.

Armoogum Parsuramen G.O.S.K.
Global Rainbow Foundation
Web Agency located in Mauritius. Expertise in developing website, eCommerce business solutions, eMarketing, eLearning, Smartphone applications.

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