AIESEC: Providing Fuel for The Fire

You may be now wondering where some of the recent help for the Global Rainbow Foundation’s(GRF) website, photography, and web design has come from, and the answer isn’t as simple as local Mauritians. It’s AIESEC.


AIESEC, which is a French acronym for “Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales.” It is a global student run organization with over 80 thousand members which helps to match students, eager to go abroad, with volunteer and internship opportunities in over 100+ countries to work for profit and not for profit organizations.


Prof. Armoogum Parsuramen(G.O.S.K) has made it clear that he wants to utilize AIESEC in order to truly make GRF a worldwide foundation. With volunteers already from Kenya, India, Pakistan, the USA and many others sure to follow, he looks to have the volunteers create a GRF branch in their respective countries. AIESEC will play a crucial role in ensuring that the ‘International Networks’ part of the GRF’s master plan is realized as well as providing volunteers for the GRF here in Mauritius.


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