About Us

Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) is a charitable trust which aims at supporting persons with disabilities.

The “Rainbow” symbolizes the diversity of material and psychological help provided to these people to assist them in building up their self-confidence and trust to achieve in life with a high self-esteem.


Our vision is to become a key organization to empower differently abled persons and vulnerable groups through Education & Training and to provide them the opportunity for holistic human development so that they can lead a happy and rewarding life with dignity and respect in the local and global community.


Our mission is to mobilize all available resources from well wishers in Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega, India, Senegal, and other countries, formulate and coordinate multifarious activities in order to unleash the hidden talents and unexplored potential of differently abled persons and vulnerable groups.


  1. To implement projects aimed at poverty alleviation, advancement of education, providing assistance to physically and mentally challenged individuals and relief to vulnerable groups.
  2. To work for the empowerment, interaction and rights of differently abled people.
  3. To develop innovative programmes aimed at creating an inclusive society where persons with and without disability walk hand-in-hand and work shoulder-to-shoulder.
  4. To foster a strong partnership with local and international organizations in the development of capacity building programmes in education, health, rehabilitation, social and economic integration.
  5. To ensure equitable employment opportunities for differently abled persons and encourage them to boost up their self0esteem and assume leadership roles.
  6. To conduct innovative activities aimed at changing attitudes, mindsets, and stereotyped perceptions towards differently abled persons.
  7. To act as a permanent advocate of those with no voice.


Rainbow Action Areas:

  1. Teacher Training
  2. Vocation Education and Industrial Training
  3. Film Festival on Disability
  4. Arts and Ability
  5. IT, Science and Ability
  6. Sports and Ability
  7. Health and Rehabilitation