About GRF Van


GRF News: Official Launch of the GRF Van – Adapted for Wheelchair Users
Prof. Armoogum PARSURAMEN is the Founder – President of The Global Rainbow
Foundation (GRF), a Charitable Trust that aims towards the welfare of Persons with
Disabilities (PWDs). Since 2011, the organization has worked in collaboration with other
NGOs and companies in order to promote empowerment and social integration of
persons with disabilities.
GRF is working towards changing the people’s attitudes and approaches to PWDs and
reaffirms that all persons with all types of disabilities must enjoy all human rights and
fundamental freedoms. GRF strives to meet the objectives and guiding principles of
United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). It
concentrates on how all categories of rights apply to persons with disabilities and
identifies areas where adaptations have to be made for persons with disabilities to
effectively exercise their rights.
Lack of transportation is consistently an issue for persons with disabilities. Mobility
constraint is a daily struggle and major obstacle to Disability – Inclusive society as it
leads to economic, social, and personal isolation of PWDs, and tend to push them
further into poverty. Transport is essential for PWDs to access education, employment,
health services, social events and other services. Taking this into concern, GRF now
proudly presents one of its holistic initiative – THE GRF DISABLED TRANSPORT
SERVICES. It is an Adapted Van for Wheelchair Users which is being sponsored by the
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), New India Assurance (NIA) and ABC
Motors who benevolently contributed to the funding of the van.
The Adapted Van (Nissan Minibus) is a 16-seater, with full reclining front seats to
accommodate two wheelchairs and still have 5 seats available for other persons. Since,
GRF has a pool of over 2000 PWDs who travel regularly to and from our centre, with
this transport facility, these people will be able to receive the much needed
One of Global Rainbow Foundation’s (GRF) remarkable initiative is – providing
employability training for PWDs of working age group, and giving guidance for their
employment. With the support of this DISABLED TRANSPORT SERVICES, PWDs will
be able to come regularly to the different trainings being offered by GRF and also attend
job interviews and placements which will contribute to the inclusion of PWDs in our
society and economy.
To celebrate and initiate this wonderful DISABLED TRANSPORT SERVICES, Prof.
Armoogum PARSURAMEN, Founder-President of the GRF, in collaboration with Dr.
Prabhavathi of Ghurburrun Charitable Trust is organizing an official ceremony on
Monday, the 24th of July’17 at Gandhi Sarvodaya Kendra, Royal Road, Petit Raffray,
from noon till 1 pm, to launch the GRF Van Adapted for Wheelchair Users. GRF
welcomes every PWD who are in need of this service. For any further details & support,
contact us on: (00230) 2838604; 2830229; email: office@grftrust.org.