A heartful donation of Rs 22 000 from Long Mountain to Global Rainbow Foundation

Cheque donation to global Rainbow foundation
Mr Preetum Beedassy remitting a cheque to Mr. Parsuramen

The word miracle might crop up in your mind if ever someone you do not know knocks at your door and says : “Take this  Rs 22 000. I am giving you this money from the bottom of my heart to thank you for what you are doing for people living with disability Mauritius”.

But miracle has become common place at Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF), which has been fitting amputated Mauritians with prosthetic limbs, and trained them as well as those with visual and hearing impairment for job placement.

Professor Armoogum Parsuramen, founder president of GRF, said he has been heartened by this prompt and unsolicited donation by the Long Mountain Cooperative Credit Union (LMCCU) which is donating its first ever CSR Fund.

Mr Preetum Beedassy, president of LMCCU says that he has been impressed by the work carried out by GRF for amputated Mauritians, for the deaf, the blind and severely disable persons and for senior citizens. Professor Armoogum Parsuramen says that the money donated by LMCCU will be used to help at least one disabled person living in the region of Long Mountain or its surrounding villages.

Raj Jugernauth

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